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Encoding:Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless
Card lifespan:+3 years
Number of cards per year:More than 30,000
Card security level:Very High

The solution for highly secured cards

The Securion printer is the best solution for personalizing and laminating secure cards at customer-facing counters.

It caters to the growing need for security and fraud control and produces cards that will last significantly longer.

Securion comes with a color print module and a laminating station, both operating in dual-sided mode. It takes just one pass to print, encode and laminate a secure card.

Securion is ideal for delivering secure cards:

National ID cards
Driver’s licenses
Secure access control badges
Health insurance cards
Premium protection
With its one-of-a-kind lamination station, Securion durably protects your secure cards. The printer applies any type of film over the entire surface of the card - from simple varnish to patch films with ultra-high secur

Evolis Securion card printer

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